about us

hi, we are gk film! first of all: thank you for reading this far!

what we do is pretty simple: we make films – tv commercials, cinema commercials, content films, corporate films, explanatory films, explanatory advertising films, advertising explanatory films, reels, gifs, short films, films made of photos, long films, films for large companies, films for small companies, films for very large companies and films for very small companies, films with a large budget, films with a small budget, films with no budget.

we write new ideas, interpret existing ideas, calculate expenses and risks, draw storyboards, use our intelligence or artificial intelligence, we look for perfect locations, cast, crew members, we carry lamps, we set up snack tables, we cut, we do color grading and animation, we render.

and we’ve been doing this for quite a long time now. lucky us, right?


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Head of Production

Vera Klingebiel

Executive Producer / Geschäftsführer

Thorsten Krack

Executive Producer

Sabine Gehrisch

Executive Producer

Jan Leister

Creative Creator

Philipp Bernhardt

Senior Producer

Isabel Merx


Liv Westphal

Auszubildender Mediengestalter

Elijah Krack


Tanisha Malsy

Mastering, Sendekopie, Archiv

Ralf Heimings


Lasse Nielsen


Manuel Sielaff


Adrian Berger

Office Manager

Anja Krack

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